Music Distance Learning for April 16

Hello friends and families – hope all are well and managing this week both off and online. I wanted to let you know that I will start next week posting on Mondays, instead of Thursdays – which will be easier for some of the upper grades.

Last week’s post invited you to think about emotions as you listen/draw to some music samples that I included. I also added that you could make up a rap or song using the listening piece as a background or inspiration. Here are the emotion charts from last week to help as a guide.

PREK – 2                                                 3 – 6


I have received a few submissions, but will wait until I get a few more before posting these fabulous artistic creations!

A) Since this will be a short 4 days for creating PREK-6 – If you didn’t have a chance to do last weeks assignment, I invite you to try your grade level’s in the next four days.

B) If you did do the asssignment, but did not submit anything – I encourage you to submit your creation to – I’m always excited to see what you create!

C) If you already did the assignment last week, and would like a different challenge I would suggest:


PBS Music Games – Go over to the links sections of my blog (with help from a parent if you don’t know where to look) and explore the site and it’s musical games. (10-15  minutes)


San Francisco Orchestra site (also in links section of my blog) and explore the site and it’s musical games and listening options. (15 minutes)

Off-line options are listening to NPR – 88.5 music between 9-10 and 11:30-12:00 as this radio station has a lot of great classical music that you could draw a picture or write a song or a rap.

As always, try to get outside for a while and listen to the nature of music. Birdsong, animal sounds and moving water are a few of my personal favorites – Ciao for now musical friends!

Musically yours – Mrs. Renauld


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