Music Distance Learning for week of May 24, 2020

Hello music friends – hope your Memorial Day weekend was fun and you had a chance to get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather! It seemed strange to me that I wasn’t playing my trumpet in a parade this year, but there is always next year! It was wonderful to see so many of you last week in class, you’ve all grown so much – and I’m glad that you are well.

This week in music we will be working on some new music Bingo Cards at the all class Levels. Cross off each box that you are able to complete this week and see if you can create a Bingo! See how many you can do and feel free to email pictures of your creations or your Bingo Card to

(Parents the idea behind this card is to let your child have a self directed learning experience this week to explore different creative options – so I’m not including a time expectation. Just enjoy and have fun!)


For my PreK and K Friends,

DistanceLearning ElementaryMusic 1and 2ScavengerHunt 5.24

For My Third through Sixth Graders

DistanceLearningElementaryMusicScavengerHunt3-6 5.24

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