Fifth Grade Garageband Projects with Shel Silverstein

This fifth grade music project involved choosing a Shel Silverstein poem, one rich with visual and aural images. Students recorded their narrations into the Garageband program, then explored and strategized to include music and sound ideas to enhance the poem’s mood and imagery in compelling ways. They created a “score” or cue sheet to plan […]

5th Grade Endangered Animal Compositions

Here are our completed Endangered Animal Compositions from 5th grade music – In January we started with improvising on percussion instruments. Then in March we graduated to writing rhythms/notes and putting them together. See if you can guess what the composer envisioned the animal doing when they composed their piece!


    Hello Leverett Families and Happy New Year! This month the music blog focuses on 5th grade music, their study of endangered animals and how we can musically portray these animals. Students were asked to use hand-held percussion instruments and improvise what their animal might sound like when it moves, eats or communicates. Students were […]