October Happenings in Music

In grades K, 1, and 2 we have been working on singing, playing, reading and moving to basic rhythms using quarter notes- “ta”, eighth notes  “ti-ti”, half notes “toe-o” and quarter rests. We have been learning to move to steady beat using our at home instruments and also discovering new ways to create sounds from […]

Music Distance Learning Week of May 4, 2020

.  .    Hello Music Friends – it was wonderful to see all of you in your virtual classrooms this past week! This weeks music lesson is going to focus on some singing/rapping, movement and listening opportunities. (I have been building some new playlists for running since my old grooves have completely been memorized )- […]

Music Distance Learning Week of 4/23

Anyone, Any Age can make music! Welcome back Leverett Music Makers of all ages, it’s wonderful to be with you again! I am sad that we will not be heading back to our Leverett classrooms this year – I miss all of you! However, I am grateful that we still get to communicate through blogs […]